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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Yellow Floor

The first time I actually got to work on a helicopter was with Simon Fisher. There was an inspection due in Houston, B.C and I was chosen to be his apprentice. Well, like all apprentices in those days I got to start on the tail of the helicopter while Simon worked on the engine. From what I can remember I got really good on tailboom inspections and had it down pat. Drain oils, check for chips in the TR gearbox, check the light, grease, clean and inspect. Once I was done the tailboom area, it was my job to take all the interior panels off for Simon to inspect flight controls. This went on for most of the summer, there were many a days when we finished off as the sun was rising next day. Working with Simon was always fun, he had a good sense of humor and was pretty laid back. Simon and I still see each other and he hasn't changed, except for whiter hair, he's always cheery and pleasant to be with. After a summer of frolicking around central B.C, I was finally told that I was going to be sent to the Yukon. While engineers around me moaned and grumbled, I couldn't hide the excitement. This was going to be quite an adventure!

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