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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just the Mechanic

How many times have you heard this comment? After telling someone that you work for a helicopter company, their immediate reply is,"Oh do you fly? ah..No.. "Oh I see then you just the Mechanic eh?" ARG..........Or better yet how about chopper Bob who introduces you as "his" mechanic. ARGGGGG!! As you get older it's water off a ducks back but there was a time where it use to get me a little upset. How could you be,"just the mechanic?" Don't they know who is really the MAN? The unsung hero who stays up till dawns early light, the person who goes to work when pilots are out for supper and having a drink! The guy swatting mosquitoes in the middle of the tundra, in the middle of a rain storm begin chase by a hungry polar bear. Well, that guy is not just the mechanic, he is a humble individual, who against all odds performs his job to the utmost of his ability regardless on how he is view by other members of society. So fellow mechanic's take pride in who you are and remember, nothing would get off the ground if it wasn't for you!
Picture of Mr. Clark Ratzlaff taking a well deserved break!

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