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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Absolute Fire Solutions new 2000 Gallons FAST Bucket begin assembled in Prince George is one of many state of the art fire fighting buckets in their growing line of Fire Attack Buckets. Gerry Bergeron, the chief operations manager in Prince George office, commented this morning, "This bucket can be easily disassembled so that 2 people can manhandle the bucket into a truck or helicopter, no forklifts required." "It's simple as pulling 2 pins on the actuator rods and the actuator splits from the bucket." Who would of thought that you could have a multiple drop bucket that's so light. The new FAST 2000 has reinforced arm assemblies with dual locking capabilities, additional straps have been added to the shell to help strengthen the overall bucket.
(Inset photo of Mr. Larry Boe, chief technician, assembling the FAST 2000)

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