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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Yellow Floor

There's been a few people who's walked this yellow floor, some have moved on, some have passed away and others still walk the same floor but only now it isn't the same color.
It was Dave Heyer who hired me back in 1980 fresh out of Confederation college. I drove all the way to Jasper in one stop and slept in my car by a lake since I had no money for a hotel. The bed was a little bumpy but the view was to die for. I'll never forget waking up early next morning parked beside a blue green lake and being surrounded by snow capped mountains. It was a good start to my adventure. Everything was awesome until I started go get close to Prince George and that smell assaulted my senses! See in Thunder Bay, the hangar was close to the pulp mills and it was terrible, little did I realized that Prince George had three of the same stinky mills. Lucky for me I was not going to be in Prince George a whole lot during my career. As I passed the mills heading into town I didn't realize that Prince George had so many one way streets, so there I was heading up a one way street looking for Northern Mountain Helicopters. I must of circle the down town 10 times before I finally decided to stop and call for help. The lady on the other end of the line was the first person I talked to from Northern Mountain, her name was Alberta. She gave me directions to the hangar and low and behold, I arrived in front of what looked like something out of a cartoon. This bright green and yellow building stood out like a pimple on the end of someones nose. The first person to greet me was Alberta and had everything organized for me, she had a place for me to stay at a hotel until I could find a permanent place to stay and had keys and coveralls, it was awesome. Next she brought me to Dave for introductions and I felt like I was sitting in front of a judge. (to be continued)

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