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Friday, April 15, 2011

The FAST bucket a new generation

With all the hype on gated buckets what does the FAST bucket have that the competition doesn't?

Well to begin with lets look at at the inside of the bucket. When you look inside all you see is a cable going to a flap, "no strings attached." The next thing one might notice is the simple arm design and the none tangle lanyard system. When you look further up to the actuator you see a unit that is maintenance free. The integral hydraulic unit gets tested in excess of 1000's drops on the test stand prior to being sent out into the field. One of the best parts of the bucket from an helicopter engineers point of view is the ease of maintenance. The complete shell can be replaced in the field in less than an hour, the arms and lanyard changed in minutes. Under Standard operation conditions, "Pilots keep them out of the trees," they can run for years without a hiccup. There's no doubt that if I was back in the field, this would be the bucket I would want. Visit for details.

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